...with the Pocketball valve located below the process vessel, cycling the valve will transfer a fixed-volume sample of flowable liquid or powder to discharge or collection side of the valve.

The Pocketball valve can be equipped with our P-500 Sequencer to allow the User to program pre-set cycle intervals to continuously meter flowable liquids or solids with fixed-volume accuracy.

Abrasive solids applications such as in the metering of cracking catalyst in the refining of gasoline is handled very successfully using our proprietary diffusion hardened valve trim to prevent premature wear of valve components and ensure long service life. Trim hardness to Rockewell C 95 (if the Rc scale went that hight) is available.


...with the valve installed above the process vessel, cycling the valve will dispense flowable liquids or solids into the pressurized vessel by gravity. Because the Pocketball valve prevents open channel two-way communication, this eliminates rapid depressurization of the process vessel.

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